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KEWPIE Mayonnaise

Creamy, tangy, and rich in flavour, our unique mayonnaise brings out the umami in food.
Available in: 355 ml 500 ml 2400 ml
EAN Code: 8719189240191
Packaging: Jar
Delivery: Cartoon box with 4 jars
Shelf life: 12 months
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Egg yolk richness: KEWPIE Mayonnaise contains egg yolks. The amino acids yielded from the protein of the egg yolks is a key factor for KEWPIE’s tasty, savory flavor.
Flavorful vinegar: Our unique blend of vinegars extracts the full flavour and this create unlike any other brand7s mayonnaise.
Refined rapeseed oil: It is obtained from raw oil of our own production, obtained only using traditional methods, without the use of any solvents. Refining crude oil aims to improve its taste and smell, and also increases its stability and durability.
Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil (73%), EGG Yolk (14%), Spirit Vinegar, Water, Salt, Sugar, Flavour Enhancer: E621, Apple Vinegar, MUSTARD Powder, Red Wine Vinegar, Flavourings (MUSTARD), Antioxidant: E385.
Nutrition Information 100g
Energy 2983 kJ/694 kcal
Fat 79 g
of which saturates 6.8 g
Carbohydrate 1.5 g
of which sugars 1.5 g
Protein 2.2 g
Salt 1.9 g

Taste the Kewpie difference.

Double nozzle, easy-to-handle bottle.

Kewpie’s unique squeeze bottle features two types of dispensers; a star-shaped wide tip and a narrow tip. Adjust to suit different uses and expand your joy of cooking.

Multi-layered material blocks
the outside oxygen

The enemy of great flavour is the oxidization of oil. Kewpie’s unique pack design shuts out the oxygen.

Narrow Tip for easy use and decoration
Star-shaped Tip for generous topping

Major ingredients are oil, egg yolk and vinegar

When fine ingredients became hard to come by during World War II, Our founder Nakashima ceased the production because “mayonnaise should not be produced without quality ingredients”. 5 years later production was resumed. Nakashima’s ideal is still alive today.

A superior product made from fine ingredients

The simplicity of the food demands carefully selected ingredients. Kewpie’s own strict standard is established for each ingredient to deliver safe and delicious mayonnaise.

“Contribute to the health of our customers through great taste, empathy, and uniqueness.” - Toichiro Nakashima, Kewpie founder
kewpie mayo
KEWPIE Mayonnaise
355 ml
KEWPIE Mayonnaise contains 4 egg yolks per 500g. The amino acids yielded from the protein of the egg yolks is a key factor for Kewpie’s tasty, savory flavor.

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kewpie mayo
Kewpie's beloved Japanese-style mayonnaise and dressing are now crafted in Europe.
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