The Mayo Days project has so far explored local food culture in Italy, Spain, and Japan through Kewpie mayonnaise.

Now chefs and restaurateurs from around the world will be invited to connect with local food culture in Japan. The cross-pollination with the food culture of their home country can lead to real culinary innovation.

Kewpie mayonnaise is the connection for the Hidden Japan Food Journey, where culinary professionals will learn about the other side of Japanʼs food culture.

The first part of Hidden Japan Food Journey is the Setouchi region, home of unique local Japanese foods such as soy sauce, Iriko dashi, and of course, udon and okonomiyaki.

The trip itself will focus on connecting guests with local Japanese food mainly from Osaka-Hiroshima-Kagawa and Seto Inland Sea.

Finally, in Kewpie's KANSAI kewport, guests will be able to create new dishes using ingredients that have inspired them most on their journey.



Qualification for a Participant Qualification for a Participant

This tour is operated in English.
All participants are needed English speaking Skill.

Hidden Japan Food Journey Tour includes food*, travel**, and accommodation for the 23rd, 24th, and 25th.
You'll enjoy Japanese street food and fine cuisine, cooking classes, and meet local growers, chefs, and culinary professionals.
The natural beauty of the region will provide the perfect backdrop for the trip.

*Note: a small material fee will be charged on the final day.
** Flights to Japan and transportation to the meeting sight and final destination are not included in the fee.


Deadline for application Jan 15, 2020
Winner Announced Feb 15,2020